• Artificial Insemination Tubes

    Artificial Insemination Tubes

    Use these tubes for artificial inseminating your poultry. Polished styrene tubes 4 1/16" length Outside diameter 0.196" Inside diameter .082" Rounded Ends
  • Dubbing Shears

    Dubbing Shears

    Specialized shears to use when dubbing poultry. Curved design.

  • Capon Instruments

    Capon Instruments

    Set incluedes all the necessary instruments to efficiently caponize. Scalpel, forceps, probe, spreader, needle, gland remover, confinement hooks and cords. Includes handy plastic caswe for instruments lested and Caponizing book by Loyl Stromberg.
  • Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    To inject your chicks or pigeons with vaccine. You attach your vaccine to the bottle and pull to the correct dosage. The cost is not as much as stainless steels models.

  • Poultry Breeding Saddle - "Chicken Saddle"

    Poultry Breeding Saddle - "Chicken Saddle"

    Usually known as a Chicken Saddle our saddles come in a variety of sizes so that you can protect all of your valuable poultry. Protect your hens from damage when mating with male birds. These quality breeding saddles are heavy duty enough to protect your birds from aggressive males while mating. With slip wing straps and different sizes we are sure to have the right size and fit for any...