Poultry Disinfectants

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  • Virkon S Agricultural Disinfectant

    Virkon S Agricultural Disinfectant

    Perfect protection for pets and vets, ideal for the control of equine, pig and poultry diseases, and essential protection for first responders in emergency disease outbreaks. Virkon S are convenient to store and easy to handle presentation that simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution. Readily soluble in tap water. Good infection control practices indicate...
  • Incubation Disinfectant Concentrate

    Incubation Disinfectant Concentrate

    THIS IS ON LONG TERM BACK ORDER. Try #TEKA Tek-Trol disinfectant spray instead! Brinsea's disinfectant (fully biodegradable halogenated tertiary amines) is formulated to be used for cleaning eggs, incubators, brooders and intensive care units. Available in concentrated form, Brinsea's Incubation disinfectant is both safe and effective against yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria which can...
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  • Tek-trol Aerosol

    Tek-trol Aerosol

    Great for all purpose disinfectant, from fogging an incubator to preventing air-borne diseases. Sanitizing eggs to eliminating shell-borne disease from passing through the egg shell. Wash down laying pens, create a disease free environment for your birds. 17 oz.
  • Tek-Trol Gallon

    Tek-Trol Gallon

    Disinfectant-cleaner concentrate. Provides effective cleaning and disinfecting in one operation. Excellent solubility, dilutes in hot, cold, soft or hard water up to 1000 ppm water hardness. Can be used as a hatching egg sanitizer. Also works well on walls, floors, tables, drinking fountains, refrigerators, restroom fixtures, incubators, etc.

  • Traffic C.O.P.

    Traffic C.O.P.

    Dry foot bath disinfectant to use with the foot bath pan. No need to add water or dilute. The active ingredient is a concentrated industrial grade chlorine. It is more abrasive to help in the removal of organic matter. 1/2" of material is all that is desired. Adding more powder will not increase the potency. Remove organic matter as necessary and fully change powder every two weeks.
  • Quat-A-Mone


    Disinfectant, Sanitizer and Deodorizer a powerful germicide for use in poultry, dairy and swine areas, and for general farm use. Fast acting. Effective in hard water. Kills a wide variety of organisms, is non-corrosive and safe to handle. These compounds are most used around incubators/hatchers. 1 Gal - Liquid concentrate

  • Foot Bath Pan

    Foot Bath Pan

    This simple design ensures a sanitary foot before entering, just get the soles of the feet are enveloped. Use Virkon (add water to virkon and acts as a wet bath) or Traffic COP (no water needed just step in the powder for dry bath).