Guineas - The watch dog of the barnyard! In France, Guineas are very popular. Guinea meat is offered in their food markets. Here in the US, it has been claimed that Guinea is sometimes served in fine restaurants, but offered as pheasant. The taste is the same. Guineas are quick to sound their alarm, being very vocal. We have heard claim that guinea fowl are so alert that they can help keep away hawks, rats and snakes. They are also known for eating ticks around your yard! Very easy to raise, they originated in the wilds of Africa. You will enjoy having them! June through October delivery.

We are sorry, but we cannot ship birds or eggs to Hawaii. These birds WILL NOT be delivered to your home or business, you will need to pick them up at the Post Office.

Also check out out our peafowl selection. These birds are a great way to add color and beauty to your backyard. With vibrant colors these birds are sure to get attention!

As with all birds be prepared for your new arrivals. You'll need a brooder, chick founts and chick feeders to ensure your pea-chick or guinea keets survival.

Don't miss our selection of guinea and peafowl books. Remember, there is no extra shipping and handling charge for books - the price you see is your total investment.