New Products

New Products

  • Pigeon Scraper - 4 Inches

    Pigeon Scraper - 4 Inches

    This 4" pigeon scraper is sturdy enough to get even the most stubborn messes. The handle is made out of easy to clean plastic and the blade is made of stainless steel.
  • 3 Way Rod Ceramic Sharpener

    3 Way Rod Ceramic Sharpener

    The Dexter Russell 3-Way Knife Sharpener has three ceramic rods supplying three degrees of coarseness. This is the only tool you need to bring the dullest knife back to a sharp edge tool!

  • 12" Diamond Knife Sharpener

    12" Diamond Knife Sharpener

    The Dexter Russell Diamond knife sharpener has an industrial diamond coating on a 3/4 in. oval surface. The flourescent poly handle comes equipped with a guard swivel.
  • 14" Butchers Sharpening Steel

    14" Butchers Sharpening Steel

    Sharpening systems for the edge you need. Rely on the experts in edges for all of your sharpening needs. For quick edge touch-ups and restoring factory edges, Dexter gives you the solution. Each sharpening solution is designed to give you the edge you need quickly to excel in today's demanding and fast paced food service industry. Dexter sharpeners feature slip-resistant, easy-to-clean...

  • Plastic Evisceration Table

    Plastic Evisceration Table

    This evisceration table is ideal for quick setup and easy storage . Constructed of durable low-molded poly, features a stainless steel faucet that can be connected to a garden hose. The faucet can be removed for easier storage. The table also features a tapered channel for water drainage, drain hose, and a built in ruler located on top of the table. For quick and easy storage, simply fold...
  • Single Hole Roll Out Nest

    Single Hole Roll Out Nest

    This great new nest box is made from high quality galvanized steel and plastic to give you years of service. Its unique design allows it to be both a front rollout nest box and a rear roll out nest box. Just order the roll nest pads or use your own padding for the bottom of the nest. Nest Box Opening Dimensions: 8" High X 11" Wide Nest Box Overall Dimensions Rear Roll Out Set Up: 24"...

  • Quail Egg Utility Assortment - Meat and Egg Producers

    Quail Egg Utility Assortment - Meat and Egg Producers

    This is a great assortment of quail that are excellent meat and egg producers. Have fun raising your own quail and harvest the meat and eggs!!! These items being sold are fertile quail eggs. These are shipped as soon as they are laid, for best incubation results. Availability of this item does not mean it ships immediately. This means that we are still taking orders for the season and that...
    $2.00 (min. 12)
  • Feeder Combination for Feed, Oyster Shell and Grit

    Feeder Combination for Feed, Oyster Shell and Grit

    Don't wait to provide a place for your birds to get all of their essentials. Plan ahead and get them the feeders they need! This combination comes with a 20 pound capacity hanging feeder with feed saver grill built in, a hanging feeder cover to ensure your birds do not roost on top of the feeder and two 11" troughs one for grit the other for oyster shell. The troughs can be mounted to the...

  • Killing Cone Stand - With Broiler Cones

    Killing Cone Stand - With Broiler Cones

    Efficient, humane, and easy-cleaning, the all-stainless steel kill cone stand speeds up the processing and eases the handling of birds at the front end of your processing line. "It was the only thing keeping us from 200 birds per hour," says Joel Salatin. Eight of our easy-cleaning, no back-out cones fit compactly around a swiveling stand of stainless steel. Blood caught in the PVC trough below...
  • Processing Kit for Poultry

    Processing Kit for Poultry

    This processing kit is exactly what you need to start your tool kit for processing poultry. It comes with a killing cone size of your choice a boning knife and the book Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game.

  • Stromberg Logo Ebroidered Hats

    Stromberg Logo Ebroidered Hats

    Choose your style of comfortable and extremely fashionable hats. You'll be the envy of every flock with one on your head. These are sure to make your outdoor chores go faster, feel warmer and much easier! Get yours today and strut your stuff!!
  • Ropa Vet Poultry Complete Oregeno Supplement - 500 ML Bottle

    Ropa Vet Poultry Complete Oregeno Supplement - 500 ML Bottle

    This oregano based poultry health supplement is a 100% natural, high-quality, energy-rich, proprietary formula specifically designed for your backyard poultry by veterinarians. It can be given throughout the year and is based on essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins. This View a great article on the future of oregano poultry treatments. great article describes some of the benefits...

  • Ropadiar Liquid Organic Oregano Supplement - 1000 ml Bottle

    Ropadiar Liquid Organic Oregano Supplement - 1000 ml Bottle

    RopaDiar Liquid Organic (the only original) is a supplementary feed for poultry. This product is made from oregano oil extracted from the oregano plant. RopaDiar Liquid Organic is an organic product that has no side effects. RopaDiar Liquid Organic was tested by TNO and its effectiveness has been proven over and over again. For following species: Pigs, poultry, calves lambs, foals, goat...
  • Wonder Grubs (Dried Mealworms) - 5 lb Bag

    Wonder Grubs (Dried Mealworms) - 5 lb Bag

    Wonder Grubs are the 100% natural high protein treat for your flock! Contains dried mealworms that are great for birds, reptiles, fish, hedgehogs and other small critters! Contains 5 lbs of dried mealworms. Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein (min ) 52% Crude Fat (min) 20% Moisture (max) 7% Crude fiber (max) 10%