Multiple Colored Eggs

These Ameraucanas lay multiple color eggs. Usually green to greenish blue.

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  • Ameraucana


    The Ameraucana is a pea comb, clean legged variety that originated in the U.S. Good disposition, non-agressive & very cold hardy. Production quality, not for use in 4-H showing as they are bred for production of those popular blue and green eggs, not breed traits. Egg color - Good producer of blue and green eggs Purpose-Dual Weight: Female-5.5 lb. Male-6.5 lb. Shipping is...
  • Mareks Vaccination(Per Chick)

    Mareks Vaccination(Per Chick)

    Add this product to vaccinate your baby chicks. Use on chickens only. Add one per chick ordered. This is not to be ordered on it's own only with baby chicks.