Gift Packages for Chicken Owners

  • Chicken Cosmetic Bag

    Chicken Cosmetic Bag

    Show your love of Chickens and Style with this GORGEOUS Chicken Cosmetic Bag. These beautiful bags are linen cloth lined with a PVC stain resistant coating. Measurements are: 8 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 3 inches wide. A perfect little travel bag for any of your chicken lovers goodies!
  • Egg Lovers Supreme Basket

    Egg Lovers Supreme Basket

    Give this great egg gift basket to your favorite egg collector. Maybe it's your neighbor that gives you eggs or a family member with a cute coop. Whoever is that egg collector that you know, this is the perfect gift set for them. It comes with a small egg basket that can fit up to 3 dozen eggs. A washable egg flat that holds up to 30 eggs they can put in their fridge to hold their eggs....

  • Egg Harvester Gift Basket

    Egg Harvester Gift Basket

    Give these great gifts to anyone who loves collecting their eggs. This kit comes with a fashionable and functional egg collecting apron. This apron has 10 pockets to keep your fresh eggs in, keeping your hands free. There is also organic egg wipes and egg cleaner. The organic egg wipes will take care of any dirt on the eggs and the egg cleaner can help with the hard to get dirty spots on...