Boot and Shoe Cleaners

These great products will help you to keep your boots and shoes clean after visiting the poultry coop! You can bet your boots that after visiting the poultry coop your boots can become soiled with poultry litter and even worse droppings. These great products will help get the stuff off your shoes. So if you are visting the coop quick before work or if you have a large poultry barn that needs a practical and effective sanitation option these are the right choice for you! They come with great warranties on the bases and offer replacement brushes for when all your boot cleaning wears out the brushes! Hard bottom brushes keep the sole of your boots clean and soft brushes for the sides clean your boots but don't ruin them.

  • Scrusher Original - Boot Cleaner

    Scrusher Original - Boot Cleaner

    THe original SCRUSHER boot and shoe brushes remove dirt, mud and slush from shoes and boots, making cleaning easier for you! This boot brush is safe for shoes and boots and is meant for year round outdoor use. Scrushers make a great gift! Weather resistant UV powder coated finish. Designed for year round use. Includes mounting screws. Bottom brushes are spaced to keep the...
  • Scrusher Big Boot Cleaner

    Scrusher Big Boot Cleaner

    Here's everything you've come to expect from the original Scrusher boot cleanter but specially sized and designed to take on the biggest boots in the toughest situations. The extra sturdy steel frame has been hand-welded to withstand the heaviest workload for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it with a full five-year warranty.The replaceable brushes are designed to completely clean even the...



    The Sani-SCRUSH Boot Wash works great for farm biosecurity and farm boot disinfection is a proven low-cost and effective way to prevent the spread of contagious diseases to livestock and poultry. Help guard against infectious disease with this boot cleaner and washer. Place this effective boot disinfection system at doorways and entrances to all barns, pens and poultry sheds. Just add...
  • Scrusher Big Boot Replacement Brushes

    Scrusher Big Boot Replacement Brushes

    The replaceable brushes are designed to completely clean even the dirtiest boots! Both are set to let the dirt fall through, so that your Big Boot Scrusher stays clog-free.Features Sized to effectively clean the biggest boots Durable weather-resistant UV powder coated finish Five-year warranty on steel frame No assembly required right from the box to your door Rubber stoppers...

  • Scrusher Original Replacement Brushes

    Scrusher Original Replacement Brushes

    All Scrusher boot cleaners and shoe cleaner models can be made like new by replacing worn out brushes. Brush sets for Scrushers with two bottom brushes. Made of hard maple wood for year round weather. All Poly bristles for great cleaning, yet soft on the footware. Comes with new replacement hardware. All Scrusher boot brushes are made and assembled in the USA.