Bantam Chicken Books

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  • Bantams a Complete Pet Owners Manual

    Bantams a Complete Pet Owners Manual

    Item No. BANT1

    Availability: In Stock

    Experts answer your questions about pet care, feeding, behavior, health, breeding, diseases, housing, and husbandry....

  • Bantam Chickens

    Bantam Chickens

    Item No. BNC

    Availability: Out of Season

    Description of history, breeds, varieties, feeding, breeding, incubation management, diseases, exhibiting. Also good...

  • Book of Bantams

    Book of Bantams

    Item No. BOB

    Availability: In Stock

    Descriptions on many breeds of Modern Game, Old English, and American Game, feather-legged, clean-legged, rose-comb...

  • Bantams and Small Poultry

    Bantams and Small Poultry

    Item No. BSP

    Availability: In Stock

    Descriptions and classifications of the bantam breeds, popular, rare and some extinct breeds. Most breeds are...

  • Bantam Standard

    Bantam Standard

    Item No. BST

    Availability: In Stock

    Description on 57 breeds, 85 plumage pattern descriptions, judging, of chickens as well as the breeds and varieties...

  • Mini Bantam Standard

    Mini Bantam Standard

    Item No. BSTM

    Availability: In Stock

    This new version of the bantam standard is pocket sized. Contains all the great information of the regular size....

  • Crested Bantams

    Crested Bantams

    Item No. CRB

    Availability: In Stock

    Description of color and color breeding, as well as management and care of crested varieties. Some problems and...

  • Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Item No. GSSB

    Availability: In Stock

    Book is primarily a beginners guide to Sebright breeding. Provides history, description, what to look for in...

  • History of Bantams

    History of Bantams

    Item No. HOB

    Availability: In Stock

    Concentrates on bantams and miniature fowl. Outlines their housing, rearing, feeding requirements, and grooming birds...

  • Japanese Bantam

    Japanese Bantam

    Item No. JB

    Availability: In Stock

    Lists the A.B.A. Standard of Japanese Bantams. Covers history, appearance, care, breeding, and problems of genetics....

  • The Japanese Bantam

    The Japanese Bantam

    Item No. JBANT

    Availability: In Stock

    Author has raised Japanese for 25 years. Info on type, feeding, breeding, color as well as the standards. Modern info...

  • Old English Game Bantams in Color

    Old English Game Bantams in Color

    Item No. OECG

    Availability: In Stock

    This book shows the principal colours of old english game birds from a variety of sources. Paintings by well known...

  • Old English Game Bantams

    Old English Game Bantams

    Item No. OEGB

    Availability: Out of Season

    Book covers history, standards, judging, conditioning. Extensive information on breeding and the principles of...