Bantam Chicken Books

  • Book of Bantams

    Book of Bantams

    Descriptions on many breeds of Modern Game, Old English, and American Game, feather-legged, clean-legged, rose-comb and single-comb breeds. Paperback, 104 pgs By George Fitterer
  • Bantams and Small Poultry

    Bantams and Small Poultry

    Descriptions and classifications of the bantam breeds, popular, rare and some extinct breeds. Most breeds are represented with detailed description and b/w photo or illustration. Hardcover, 224 pgs By Dr. Joseph Batty.

  • Bantam Standard Book

    Bantam Standard Book

    Description on 57 breeds, 85 plumage pattern descriptions, judging, of chickens as well as the breeds and varieties of bantam ducks. Hardcover, 288 pgs Edited by: ABA Standard Committee, Ralph Sheriff Jr., Chairman, 2011 edition
  • Mini Bantam Standard Book

    Mini Bantam Standard Book

    This new version of the bantam standard is pocket sized. Contains all the great information of the regular size. 2011, soft cover, 300 pp, 68 in color.

  • Crested Bantams

    Crested Bantams

    Description of color and color breeding, as well as management and care of crested varieties. Some problems and solutions are also discussed. Paperback, 38 pgs By Lynn G. Brenneman
  • Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Golden and Silver Sebright Bantams

    Book is primarily a beginners guide to Sebright breeding. Provides history, description, what to look for in breeding, back & saddle feathering, lacing problems, and health. Paperback, 32 pgs By Bill Holland

  • History of Bantams

    History of Bantams

    Concentrates on bantams and miniature fowl. Outlines their housing, rearing, feeding requirements, and grooming birds prior to showing. Development and history of the Bantam is discussed. Paperback, 96 pgs By Ian Kay
  • Japanese Bantam Book

    Japanese Bantam Book

    Lists the A.B.A. Standard of Japanese Bantams. Covers history, appearance, care, breeding, and problems of genetics. Paperback, 60 pgs By Anna C. Banning-Vogelpoel

  • The Japanese Bantam Book

    The Japanese Bantam Book

    Author has raised Japanese for 25 years. Info on type, feeding, breeding, color as well as the standards. Modern info from a current breeder. 58 color photos of Japanese varieties, sing/tail undercolor. Paperback, 112 pgs By Terry Wible