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3 Features of a Sturdy Hen House

Your flock of chickens is an important part of your backyard. When it comes to lodging and accommodations, your chickens deserve the best. Whether you’re shopping for a chicken coop or building your own, you need to make sure you end up with the best possible home for your hens. This means creating a sturdy structure that can protect them from the elements, predators, and other threats or discomforts they might face in a low-quality coop. Keep these and other features of a sturdy hen house in mind as you create the home your chickens deserve.


Like any home, a hen house needs a sturdy roof. Make sure the roof of your chicken coop is free of holes, missing pieces, or other damage. Not only will a leaky roof make your hens miserable, but the water damage can create a musty, unhealthy environment for your birds. A solid roof will help keep out rain, snow, and other elements. It will also provide some nice shade for your chickens during the summer’s heat.


Of course, one of the most important features of a sturdy hen house is a set of solid walls. Thin walls make it easy for predators to find their way into your coop—especially if they can smell chickens or fresh eggs inside. Try to use thick wood or brick for your coop’s walls. You can also add chicken wire or chain-link fencing for added security. Always keep an eye on your coop so that you can quickly spot any cracks or damage that occurs along the walls. By catching and repairing these vulnerable points quickly, you can protect your hens from a predator attack.


No matter what kind of flooring you have in your coop, you need to keep it clean and dry. Many chicken keepers use raised coops to prevent moisture buildup or flooding. This also makes it harder for predators to get into the coop. If you don’t have a raised coop, you must make sure your flooring is predator-proof. Make sure rodents and other small predators can’t burrow their way underneath the coop’s walls. You should also change your chickens’ bedding frequently to keep moisture or condensation from building up and creating a breeding ground for mold or harmful bacteria.

When you give your flock a sturdy coop, you give them a safe and healthy place to sleep, lay eggs, and live out the rest of their lives. Here at Stromberg’s Chickens, we want to help you create the best home possible for your chickens. We’ve got the accessories, equipment, and other chicken coop supplies you need to give your birds their dream home.

How do you keep your hens safe and comfortable? Share your chicken coop knowledge with us in the comments below!