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  • PP898 Rcom 50 DO Max Incubator

  • Description

    • Easy View Window. • Temperature adjustment. • Humidity control. • Adjustable turning. • Comes with 1 adjustable egg tray. • Alarm for low water and temperature. • Body of incubator comes apart for easy cleaning. Capacity: Hen: 48, Quail: 116, Goose: 25. Egg racks not included.

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  • $794.99

Smarter Rcom MAX 50 DO shows high accuracy by minute checking the set temperature and humidity. Minimized temperature anomaly by AUTOELEX's very own integrated incubating technology. Don't worry about maintaining the temperature and humidity. Hen: 48, Quail: 116, Goose: 25 Egg racks not included.

Artificial Intelligence incubator (Automatic Temperature & Humidity Control)

Easy Jog-dial
  • DO model is easy to operate as the dial button is applied
  • Easily check the current condition by the color of the ambient LED light
Automatic Egg-turning
  • Rcom MAX 50 DO turns automatically according to the settings
  • Low-noise stepping egg-turning motor
  • Note: Stop egg-turning 3 days before hatching day
Cooling Feature
  • Natural cooling provides the environment which is most similar to the conditions in a chicken hatching
Drying  Mode
  • Quickly removes invisible moisture remaining inside and reduces cleaning time
  • Enables hygienic management without worrying about odor or mold
  • Rcom's humidification unit with a new patented technology greatly improves durability
  • Use without worries as it extinct the bacteria by heating the humidification water

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Rcom 50 DO Max Incubator
Rcom 50 DO Max Incubator