Starplate Building System - Roof Load

Strength Considerations

Snow Load Tests on 2x4 STAR PLATE Frames roofed with plywood and supported on a solid base (Job #3, Option #2, #3 or #4) indicate that the structures can withstand a total roof load of 10,000 lbs. (Weight of roof and snow combined.) At this point, the STARPLATE Connectors begin to bend. Divide 10,000 lbs. by your particular total roof area to get an approximate capacity in pounds per square foot. Stress at the connector plates varies in different buildings and depends greatly on construction materials, fastening techniques, and age of building. While the manufacturer believes these tests to be accurate, because of variable lumber grades and conditions in particular installations, it is impossible to warrent this full-level of structural strength for each plate. Therefore, prudent designers commonly allow a safety margin to insure structural strength. Check with local codes for requirements and safety factors in your area.

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