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We are pleased to share some of the great projects our customers have done using the Starplate Building System. As we get new submissions, we'll feature them here and id applicable, provide contact information so you can contact the person submitting the idea. Enjoy the projects and have fun with your Starplates!

Do you have a Starplate project you'd like to share?

Send us a little information and some pictures and we may use them in the gallery. We love to see what people are creating and our readers are always interested in new ideas.

You can reach us at or by mail at:
P.O. Box 400
Pine River, MN 56474

Featured Projects   Small Cabin by the Iker family
Building the floor/foundation.
Framing up.
A view of the inside during construction
Through the door you can see the wood stove installed.
The Iker's Starplate cabin!


"This is a cabin my husband and I just completed. We were thrilled with the way the starplates worked out. I loved the shape so much that I hated to enclose the sides and roof with OSB. We haven't stayed overnight yet, but plan to in a few weeks. It is the 9' strut size and covered with OSB and shingles on top. We are adding a futon to the folding chairs (the canvas bag kind) and hanging folding table on the wall (to use when needed). It really isn't as crowded as I thought it might be. Everyone who sees it or pictures of it are enthralled with the design. Hopefully you are already seeing an increase in requests. We shared the pictures with a dome building computer list of people and they were also impressed. I know we will need at least 2 more sets soon, one for us and another as an anniversary present for my husband's brother and sister-in-law. Please feel free to share any pictures and direct anyone with questions to us, we would be glad to assist any way we can. Thank you again for this wonderful product."

Jody Iker
E-mail -

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