Pigeon Race Teams

Race teams are sold as un-sexed and un-flown young birds. This is so they will imprint on your loft as their new home. When you receive them you should keep them in your loft for two weeks before training. At two weeks they will have forgotten the loft they came from, and will think of your loft as home. The six young birds you buy are un-sexed, so it is likely you will receive some males and some females. When birds are entered in the young bird futurity races they are entered as individuals not as a team. A six bird entry will give you six individual chances to w in the young bird futurity race. Feeding is the key to controlling young birds. When your birds first arrive it is important to always feed them with a distinctive sound such as a whistle or the shaking of a feed can. The birds will associate this sound with food. When they are out training they will quickly return to the loft and enter it when you call them in to feed. Do not over feed your young birds. It is important to keep them slightly hungry so they will listen to you when you call them.

At two weeks put your young birds in a cage on the landing board in front of the trap, show them individually how to enter the loft through the trap. Then place the cage directly in front of the trap, so the birds cannot escape and can only walk through the trap. At this time call the birds to feed. Repeat this procedure for a few days until your birds have mastered the trap. Then they can be placed directly on the landing board without the cage and called in to feed through the trap. This is the first step to training.

The birds are slowly taken further and further from the loft, 10 feet, 20 feet, the front yard, down the block and so on. Always train the birds when they are hungry, never when they are full so they will return quickly to feed.

Many young birds futurity races will feed, train and race the birds for you. The charges for this are included in your entry fee. The time of year to enter birds in the races is from January to June. All you need to do is contact the handler and let him know you would like to send birds to the races.