Utility Home Poultry Scalder - 4500 Watt 220 Volt

Product No. UHS4500


Saves Time. Assures easier, better picking. Just right for a few chickens.

Why go with the 220 Volt over the 110? Reducing water temp recovery time!! When you put a bird into the scalding water it lowers the temperature. The more power used by a 220 volt version reduces the time it takes for initial warm up and recovery after scalding a bird.

Can also easily scald ducks, guineas, gamebirds, chickens, small geese and small turkeys. Completely automatic with temperature control. Factory sets temperature at 150 deg. F. Hold 14 gal of water, not including bird. Heavy duty heating element maintains desirable uniform temperature, very important to good picking. Fiberglass construction. Depth - 18", 20" long, 20 Inches wide and 20 inches overall height. 240 volts ac. 4500 watt. For larger jobs, heats water faster.

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Requires 220 Volt outlet for electrical hookup.