Rear 10 Roll Out Nest

Rear 10 Roll Out Nest

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This is the 10 hole rear roll out nest. These nest boxes roll the eggs out the back of the nest preventing them from getting dirty or soiled by the hens. With this unique design you can design your coop so that you can collect the eggs without going into the actual coop itself. Or you can build aisles to walk down and collect between them. Comes with removable plastic roll out nest bottoms for easy cleaning. Perches flip up to close off the nest boxes at night if necessary. The egg storage compartment is located in the rear of the nest.

Side Panels, top, front and perch brackets are galvanized; the back partitions are plastic. Front opening is 7" x 11 1/2". Each compartment holds up to 12 eggs. This model uses rivets for construction. Experts recommend one nest box for each 4 laying hens.


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Could Be Better  |  By Productions
Overall these are good boxes, but there is a serious flaw. The back panels are cut too small. When the hens turn around in the box, they dislodge the back panels which hang on wire hooks, leaving the back open for them to escape to a part of the facility where they are not supposed to be. Every day I find the back panels dislodged and have had to put up a barrier to keep the hens in. The back panels should be a good 3/8 to 1/2 inch wider AND longer. In addition, because the back panels are cut too small, light shines into the nestbox, reducing the hen's feeling of privacy. It will be an annoying fix to go in with pliers and adjust those hooks which will keep them from coming off, but the too-small size of the back panels cannot be adjusted. They are supposed to sit inside the back frame, but because they are cut too small, they often swing out into the next room allowing hens to go right through, out of their coop area. This is completely opposite to the manufacturer's description about preventing escape.