Poultry and Game Bird Coop

Product No. COOP10
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Stackable corners, sliding top door, swing end door. Sliding top door makes it possible to keep birds from escaping. Solid bottom. Dimensions, 38" x 23" x 11 " high. Capacity: 10-12 chickens or 8-10 pheasant.

Assembly required
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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 6, 2013
After using them for a year, I find these crates good, but: - it was VERY difficult to assemble them. It helps to have a heat gun or at least a hair dryer set on "high" to dilate the holes, and a good, heavy mallet. Two people can do it, alone it's a tough challenge. Do NOT hit the plastic directly with the mallet, rather place a 2x4 along the side that you want to assemble and hit the wood (hitting the plastic directly will damage it). - the birds cann see through the top of the crate and will try to get out, resulting in the shin on their heads being scraped to the bone - lots of blood and ugly sight... The fix is covering the top, on the inside of the crate, with corrugated plastic (inexpensive, from Home Depot, cut it to size and punch small holes, use plastic zip-ties to attach them to the top of the coop). To cover the sliding door, you'll need some thin tough plastic (from some old plastic files) and superglue... you'll figure it out...

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