Holmes Poly Drum Style Poultry Plucker

Holmes Poly Drum Style Poultry Plucker

Product No. HGPM-ALL

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  • Holmes Poly Poultry Picker - With Motor
  • HGPM-P
  • $495.00
  • Holmes Poly Picker - No Motor
  • HGP-P
  • $385.00

This picker features a protective grill separating the working surface from the revolving drum with 28 rubber fingers. Completely removes all feathers off chickens, turkeys, guineas, and pheasants in as little as 30 seconds. (Not suitable for waterfowl) Birds should be scalded prior to picking.motor. 32" high x 16" wide x 40" long.

You choose with motor or without. Motor option includes 1/4 H.P. Electric Motor.