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Black Australorp Backyard Quantities


Straight Run

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The Australorp, which originated in Australia is a single comb, clean legged variety. A nice tame variety for your farm that will produce you a large brown egg. Their larger frame helps them tolerate the cold. An interesting bit of information about this breed is that it is the developed in Australia from Black Orpingtons. I guess this is where the unique name Australorps came from a cross between Australian and Orpintons. A great bird with an excellent disposition and egg laying abilities.
In order to please our customers we are now offering a lower minimum quantity for baby chick orders. We are now accepting order quantities of 15 in our backyard quantity orders. Not all breeds are available in these small quantities but we are working towards offering more as we take more of these orders!!

Egg color - Great producer of large brown eggs can produce up to 200-250 eggs per year!
Weight: Female-6.5 lbs. Male-8.5 lbs.
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Black Australorp Backyard Quantities
Black Australorp Backyard Quantities