Zebra Dove

Product No. DOVZE


Priced each, if ordering a pair please choose Qty 2

The normal colored Zebra dove is brown on the head, back of the neck, wings, shoulders and tail. The wings, sides of the neck and sides of the breast are striped with black bars. Hence, the name Zebra dove. The underside of the tail is striped. The face is bluish-gray. The eye ring and eye color are blue. The breast is rosy-pink. The beak is gray-brown. Hens often have more barring on the breast, and males often have more rosy-pink coloration on the breast. Zebra dove males are very aggressive. Both sexes are very flighty and they fly very fast. If they escape, they are not likely to return. They are slightly larger than diamond doves.
Length: 9 in. & weigh 2 oz.
One year or younger, not mated or banded.