Vacuum Sealer - Harvest Guard



This compact Harvest Guard™ Vacuum Sealer is the perfect fit for gardeners & home harvesters. It features a 110 watt motor, 22.5" HG vacuum strength, a port for vacuum canisters, and easy to use controls for pressure and duration. Plus it includes ten quart sized vacuum bags to get you started!

Please note: All Weston Vacuum Sealers are "out of chamber" sealers. As with any "out of chamber" sealer, household bags and all other non-textured or non-embossed bags are not compatible and should not be used. For best results, bags containing a textured or embossed lining are required.
-- 110 Watt Motor (120 Volt, 60 Hz)
-- Vacuum Pump delivers 22.5" HG vacuum strength
--Easy to use controls
-- Control duration with normal vacuum mode or extended mode for large bags
-- Control vacuum pressure with seal mode
-- Separate Accessory Port Function allows for less energy use and prevents seal bar wear when using with vacuum canister (sold separately).
-- 2mm lid-mounted seal bar prevents overheating
-- Seals bags up to 11" (28 cm) wide