Tom Cat Bait Mouse Bait Station

Product No. TCMBS


If you have decided to offer poison to rats or mice on your farm you know you need a safe delivery system. That is where the bait station comes into play. These bait stations offer a place to safely distribute poisons to pests.
- They can be secured in place so no pest or pet can tip them over.
- This mouse bait station offers a key so that gaining access to the bait station can be controlled. Keeping children safe and limiting bait station access to qualified people,
- The small openings make sure that only the targeted species can access the poison. Keeping the target in sights and leaving pets and other animals alone.
- Using bait stations is the best way to deliver a highly effective pest poisoning program.
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Slow shipping
Owner Response: I am sorry for the slow shipment on this product. It was back ordered from the manufacturer and the delay in getting it was longer than would normally be acceptable.