The Domestic Duck Book

Product No. TDD


Most domesticated ducks are descended from the wild mallard, and over the centuries many different breeds have been created. They have been kept as pets or for their ornamental value, or have been farmed for their meat, eggs, and down. Chris and Mike Ashton explain how these breeds have been developed and how to look after them. They cover the different breeds, detailing their origins and characteristics; they list classic ducks from all over the world; and explore the "designer: ducks of the 20th century. Management of adult stock, breeding and rearing ducklings, and common problems and ailments are also covered in this comprehensive book for breeders, keepers, and those who exhibit ducks or have a general interest in ducks.

This book traces the origins of 23 breeds of ducks and examines their breed characteristics for both exhibition and utility purposes. Gives advice on acquiring, keeping and breeding ducks and selecting birds. An up to date guide for the serious hobbyist.

Chris and Mike Ashton, authors. 200 Pages, 8 full page color plates and many black and white photos and illustrations.