The Book of Geese

Product No. BOG
Out of Season


As of right now this book is out of print. There are plans to reprint but we do not want to take orders until we have a date for restock.
Basic enough for the hobbyist, yet comprehensive enough for commercial raisers. Includes info on: breeds, incubation, rearing, health problems and managing the adult flock.

-Twelve informative chapters covering the usefulness of geese, their limitations, external characteristics, behavior, the breeds, getting started, incubation, rearing goslings, managing adult geese, diagnosing diseases, sexing and butchering.

-Eleven appendices...formulating goose rations, symptoms of vitamin & mineral deficiencies, preventing losses to predators, recipes, using weeder geese, exhibiting geese, a goose breeder & hatchery guide, etc.

-Twenty-one feed rations formulated specifically for geese

-224 pages. 118 photographs and illustrations. Quality paperback, full color cover

-Author: Dave Holderread. Soft cover, 209 pg., b/w photos, illustrations. 1993.