The Book of Geese

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Basic enough for the hobbyist, yet comprehensive enough for commercial raisers. Includes info on: breeds, incubation, rearing, health problems and managing the adult flock.

-Twelve informative chapters covering the usefulness of geese, their limitations, external characteristics, behavior, the breeds, getting started, incubation, rearing goslings, managing adult geese, diagnosing diseases, sexing and butchering.

-Eleven appendices...formulating goose rations, symptoms of vitamin & mineral deficiencies, preventing losses to predators, recipes, using weeder geese, exhibiting geese, a goose breeder & hatchery guide, etc.

-Twenty-one feed rations formulated specifically for geese

-224 pages. 118 photographs and illustrations. Quality paperback, full color cover

-Author: Dave Holderread. Soft cover, 209 pg., b/w photos, illustrations. 1993.