Spiral Bands - Size 6

Product No. SP006
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Heavy round colored plastic coil, resilient and springy. Will stay on better than ordinary light weight bands, stand up under long and continuous usage and will not fade.Size 6 - 3/8"

Assortment is a grab bag of 10 different colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Black, White, Brown and Orange.
Size 010 - 6/16" - 3/8"
Come in Packs of 50
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difficult to size
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 2, 2018
First time buyer for these, and I wasn't sure what size would fit a day old baby chick. I went with a 6, which wasn't their smallest but I figured there were other smaller birds these might be used for so i shouldn't get their smallest size. Well i was wrong. The 6 was too big, so i cant say whether I would like them or not, as i wasn't able to use them. But maybe they will grow into them. I also got a size 9 and 12 for them to grow into down the road. It might be helpful if they had a per bird breed and stage sizing comparison chart to guide buyers.
Owner Response: I will take this into account. here is a video about banding baby birds that new users may find helpful. https://www.strombergschickens.com/product/Baby-Chick-Identification-and-Banding-Real-Examples/chickens-gamebirds-help

Spiral Bands #6
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 17, 2019
These small bands work great to help me color code my different hatching year. When my chicks get biger I simply cut it off and replace it with a larger one... In the end when it's time to replace your old hens you know what year they were born and that makes it easier to figure out who's who...