Vacationers Delight - Combo Large Capacity Feeder and Auto Waterer

  • Vacationers Delight - Indoor
  • $58.99
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  • Vacationers Delight - Outdoor
  • $112.00
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Finally, an answer to the question "What are we going to do with the chickens when we are on vacation?" You will no longer owe your precious eggs to your many neighbors that have stopped by to check in on your birds!! With this kit you get a 50-pound feeder and an automatic waterer.

This automatic waterer is very easy to install and simply hooks right into your garden hose. It sits on the ground and is easy to clean. It also comes with a cover.

The 50-pound feeder can either sit on the ground or be hung. We are offering two different options. One with a rain shield that will allow you to keep your feed outside in the chicken yard. This is a great option for when you already have a feeder inside but want to have additional feed to encourage the girls to stay out in the chicken run.