Solar Power Panel Energizer and Dolly Kit

Product No. SPK


Powers 2-4 nets.Solar Powered Kit that includes 30 Watt Solar panel, charge controller with LCD, Battery cable, 1 joule fence energizer ground rod and a dolly to transport. 12 Volt battery needed to store the power to charge the net. (Battery not included.)

Put your solar system on wheels! This helpful dolly is designed with an adjustable pitch top for mounting your solar panel. The angle of the panel can be easily adjusted for your location.Solar Panel 30W with cable. As a general rule, you will need 10 watts of power for each output joule of your fence energizer. For example: 3-joule energizer = 30 watt solar panel.

Recent improvements in efficiency and new lower costs have made powering your fence with solar power affordable and easy. Our Solar Panels have a rugged aluminum frame, polycrystalline panel and approximately 18" cable. Five year manufacturers warranty. This solar charge controller is designed for use with 10 to 50 watt solar panels and features easy-to-read LED diagnostic indicators for charge, battery level, and load. A low voltage disconnect is standard to prevent damage to the battery. Includes a one year manufacturers warranty. 5" width x 2.6" height. 1 Joule Energizer to power 1- 4 nets, includes grounding rod- 110 Volt plug in or battery needed to charge net. ---(12 volt Battery not included)--- Grass grown into net will decrease effectiveness. Moving net around will help or upgrade to a larger energizer if close to the max end of net.per

The Stafix X1 is an innovative solution to livestock control. This one-joule unit can operate on a 110-volt electric plug or a 12-volt battery. The day/night sensor and adjustable pulse speeds round out the many advantages of this newly designed energizer.