Sav-A-Chick: Electrolyte & Vitamin Supplement

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Designed for keepers of small flocks, each packet of Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte and Vitamin Supplement mixes into 1 gallon of drinking water. The single-use packets are pre-measured to ensure accurate feeding, as well as product freshness.Formulated specifically for poultry, the balanced electrolyte formula supports hydration during hot weather or other stress, and is fortified with vitamins A, D, E, C, and seven B vitamins, all essential for proper growth and health in birds.

Ingredients:Potassium chloride, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, salt, vitamin D 3 supplement, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin A supplement, vitamin E supplement, niacin supplement (vitamin B 3 ), magnesium sulfate, calcium pantothenate (vitamin B 5 ), folic acid (vitamin B 9 ), menadione sodium bisulfite complex (vitamin K), vitamin B 12 supplement, riboflavin supplement (vitamin B 2 ), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B 6 ), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B 1 ), artificial color, silicon dioxide
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Vitamin supplement with Electrolytes
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 18, 2019
I ordered it for my baby peacocks to help them to grow up strong and healthy. Love the product and hope to buy more when this runs out
Carolyn Young