RCOMPRO  USB Digital Incubator

RCOMPRO USB Digital Incubator

Product No. RCOM20USB

Availability: Out of Season
Out of Season

The RCOMPRO USB Digital Incubator has all the features as the RCOMPRO20 plus PC control. This feature allows the user to control the incubator from their computer. You can start and stop incubation from your computer. You can set all or some of the operating conditions. There is also a full egg data base for the computer that allows you to track each individual eggs turning and weight. This program continues to run if the computer is turned off. It contains an editable database of the different species.
This also contains three different egg trays.
Quail Egg Tray - 52 Quail or small Eggs
Chicken Egg Tray - 20 Chicken or Duck Eggs
Goose Egg Tray - 10 Goose or Large Eggs

The USB Controls require a windows operating system to operate the unit.
PC not included