RCOM 20 Pro Digital Incubator

Product No. RCOM20PRO
Out of Season


The RCOM 20 Pro Digital Incubator is a digital incubator having two options for operation: automatic or manual. It can be an easy fully automatic quick start where you just select the type of bird and you are ready to start incubating. It will automatically set the temperature, humidity, turning and turning time according to the species. Three days before the hatch day it will stop turning allowing the birds to pip. Another option is the manual control option. This allows the user to set all conditions which include temperature, humidity and turning. This option is geared for the advanced user who wants more control or has birds that are not included in the factory settings.
This also contains three different egg trays.
Quail Egg Tray - 52 Quail or small Eggs
Chicken Egg Tray - 20 Chicken or Duck Eggs
Goose Egg Tray - 10 Goose or Large Eggs