R-Com 20 Digital Incubator

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The R-com 20 has digital automatic temperature and humidity with hourly egg turning. Has large observation window, fan assisted air circulation, water reservoir with low level warning and easy dismantling for cleaning. Ideal for smaller settings of eggs and a wide range of egg sizes from game birds, poultry, waterfowl, parrots and birds of prey. Basic model includes universal racks.

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worth the extra money
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 17, 2011
I purchased this incubator a little over a month ago. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because of the high price, but I am so glad I did! I collected 20 eggs from my best hens over a 2 day period and put the R-Com to the test. I candled the eggs on day 7. 18 of the 20 eggs were fertile. Of the 18 fertile eggs, 15 hatched and the chicks are healthy and vigorous! I was surprised at the hatch rate using an incubator! Especially since this is my first time incubating eggs. The incubator was easily programmed and maintained perfect temperature and humidity. The turning function works flawlessly. My eggs all hatched within a 24 hour period on the 21st day of incubation. I purchased the optional chicken tray and used that instead of the universal tray. There were two eggs that were too large (jumbo size) and did not turn as well as the normal sized eggs did, but they did hatch and there are no problems with the chicks. So I would not use the chicken tray if your girls lay jumbo eggs. I added water approximately every three days to the water port located conveniently on the outside of the incubator. You simply lift the cover that says water and pour in water until the ball floats to the top of the water port. I could not have asked for a more easy to use incubator. It is also easy to clean and had no foul odors after the hatch. The owner's manual is lacking, to say the least. However, the machine is easy to use and I had no problem figuring out how to operate it. I did have a couple of power outages and the settings were saved and the incubator resumed normal function when the power was restored. I would recommend this incubator to both inexperienced and pro chicken fanciers.

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