Oxytet Soluble

Oxytet Soluble

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Broad spectrum treatment of enteric infections and respiratory diseases.

• Chickens: for the control of infectious synovitis (Mycoplasma synoviae/MS) and CRD (chronic respiratory disease) and air sac infection (M. gallisepticum/MG); also for the control of colibacillosis (E. coli) and Fowl cholera (Pasteurella multocida)

• Growing turkeys: for the control of complicating bacterial organisms associated with bluecomb (transmissible enteritis/coronaviral enteritis)

• Turkeys: for the control of hexamitiasis (Hexamita meleagridis) and infectious synovitis (M. synoviae)

Do not feed to birds producing eggs for human consumption.

New FDA Guidelines starting January 1, 2017 will only allow you to purchase Oxytet with a prescription. Give us a call, we can special order a bulk order for you before the end of the year !