Octagon 40 Eco With Automatic Turner

Octagon 40 Eco With Automatic Turner

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The Octagon® 40 Eco combine the high quality cabinet and airflow systems of the Octagon® range with a proven and reliable electronic temperature control to provide reliable hatching results with minimum of fuss.

Temperature is measured using the purpose made liquid in glass thermometer that is supplied with the incubator and the incubation temperature adjusted to suit the eggs being incubated as listed in the user instructions. A flashing indicator shows that the incubation temperature is being controlled steadily. The Octagon® 40 is supplied complete with autoturn cradle.

Brinsea's Octagon® 20 and 40 incubators have been popular with bird breeders for decades and the latest models provide a combination of performance and value whichever model you choose.
-48 hen egg (or equivalent) capacity. Adjustable for eggs from quail to goose size without extras
-Easy to clean
-4 whisper quiet fans and computer modelled temperature distribution for optimum hatch rates
-Automatic turning
-Double skinned insulated base for low energy consumption and even temperature