Roll Out Nest Pads

Roll Out Nest Pads

Product No. RON-PAD-ALL

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  • Roll Out Nest Pads - Set of 10
  • $53.00
  • Single Roll Out Plastic Nest Pad
  • RON-PAD-1
  • $5.60

These great plastic nest pads are desiged with a slotted base. This helps in the nest by improving air flow and also allows droppings to go through the nest pad. This greatly reduces the bacteria growth due to wet nest material. Now there is no need to fill every nest with wood shavings. The slotted base also allows the water used when cleaning these nests to flow through the pad and does not soak into the plastic nest pad allowing a much more sanitary operation. These nest pads will surely last you many years of operation. Now we sell them individually as well as in a money saving 10 pack!


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Great product  |  By Emily
Fits well in front roll out. I have some boxes with these and some without. The hens seem to be attracted to the ones with these.