Lady Amhearst Pheasant Juvenile



Juveniles are under 1 year of age and are not fully colored. Full coloration will take at least 2 years, but can be fertile in first year

Weight: approximately 1.5-2 lbs Males: 47 inches in length, 31.50 inches just for tail has a white black cape and a red crest, tail and rump are gray with red, blue, dark green, white, and yellow plumage Females: 24-26 inches in length has dull brown mottled plumage with fine barring all over, head is a darker color Uncommon bird(not endangered)Should be fed high protein feed with mixed grain and can also eat peanuts, meal worms and berries Breeding season begins in May

Part of the "Ruffed Pheasants" (cape can raise up and down)Females lay 5 to 12 eggs and incubation is 22 days