Italian Quail Eggs

Italian Quail Eggs

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Beautiful bird with black and tan markings over cream base. These are similar in appearance to the Mexican Speckled Quail.

Weight: 8-10 oz
Shipping is included with all hatching eggs.

These items being sold are fertile quail eggs. These are shipped as soon as they are laid, for best incubation results. Availability of this item does not mean it ships immediately. This means that we are still taking orders for the season and that your order will be placed in line for the next available shipment. You will receive notification of your shipment date via Email.

Usually these eggs can ship within about two to two and a half weeks of the time that your order. However, during peak spring season, the wait can become longer. 6/01: currently a 6 week wait on these eggs.

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Mine Never Hatched  |  By Mike
My eggs never hatched after being in the incubator for 24 days, I thought I did everything right but who knows I was told quail can be tricky to hatch