Home Pick Junior - Drum Style Poultry Plucker

  • Home Picker Junior
  • $775.00
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  • Home Picker Junior With Motor
  • $1,015.00
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A very popular model, ideal for plucking the backyard flock. Will whisk the feathers off in seconds to leave a bird pin-free. A partnership to share the investment is a thought. Or a poultry club might invest for membership use! This low price in part is made possible through your own assembly of the parts, shipped with complete directions. It has a 12 inch heavy duty galvanized drum with 52 rubber fingers to do your picking for you. All parts are enclosed in a steel cabinet. Feathers are whisked off in seconds... As little as 15 seconds per bird... No more time consuming drudgery.

-"Velvet Touch" Fingers patented by Pickwick for their gentle, intense de-feathering action on all types of birds.
-Belt Guard safely protects the operator from moving parts or pinch points.
-Enclosed Motor Housing keeps water and feathers off the motor.
-Steel Drum with scientifically designed finger pattern insures thorough picking in seconds.
-Floating Shaft Bearings deliver more power to the drum.
-Galvanized Steel Construction for longer life.
-Feather Deflector to direct feathers and water under the machine for easy clean-up (all models hose off in seconds; no disassembly required).
-Full Instruction Manual includes picking and scalding procedures.

You choose with motor or without. Motor option includes 1/3 H.P. Electric Motor.