Featherman XL Set Up Specials

  • XL Plucker, Scalder & Manual Dunker
  • $3,925.00
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  • XL Plucker, Scalder & Manual Dunker and Chill Tank - Truck Freight Quote Rqrd
  • $4,445.00
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  • XL Plucker, Scalder & Roto Dunker
  • $4,315.00
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  • XL Plucker, Scalder & Roto Dunker Chill tank, Freight Quote
  • $4,835.00
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These set up specials main feature is the Featherman XL plucker. This plucker is the same as the Featherman Pro but larger with a larger capacity! What this means to you is that you can process birds faster! These spcials are desigend to get you processing lots of birds fast.

These set ups all contain:
The Featherman XL plucker- which allows you to pluck up to four birds in just under a minute.
Featherman Scalder- load and scald six to eight birds in a little more than a minute
Kill cone stand and eight broiler kill cones. Which allows you to dispatch and load up to four birds every two minutes.

Where these packages are different: Each package differs in two distinct ways.
How you dip the birds in the scalder the birds
Two of the packages have the manual dunking system which will help you by not having to dunk the birds yourself but you will have to be manually present and dunking the birds.
Two of the packages have the Roto Dunking automated system which allows you to load the roto dunker and walk away from the scalder freeing up one minute per four birds.

If they have a cooling tank or not.
The cooling tank has a 300-gallon capacity and will chill up to 200 birds. USDA food-grade plastic, 1" PVC drain valve, compact. This allows you to cool your meat down fast after processing giving you a better tasting product and better quality and more tender meat. IF you are ordering the cooling tank you will be contacted after ordering with a truck freight quote. The chill tank is large enough to require freight.

Package Specifics:
This package contains - Featherman XL picker, Scalder with Manual Dunker & Shackles, Small Kill Cone Stand, and eight Broiler Cones
This package contains - Featherman XL picker, Scalder with Roto-Dunker, Small Kill Cone Stand, and eight Broiler Cones.
FM-SST-DS-CHT This combo requires shpping.
This package contains -The Featherman XL picker, Scalder, Dunker, Shackles, Small Kill Cone Stand, eight Broiler Cones and our Chill Tank
FM-SST-RD-CHT This combo requires truck shipping.
This package contains -Featherman XL picker, Scalder, Roto-Dunker, Small Kill Cone Stand, eight Broiler Cones, and our Chill Tank
Component Specifics:
Featherman Pro Plucker:
• Chicken Plucking made easy! Simply scald birds & drop 6-8 broilers or up to 75 lbs. of them into the Featherman XL!
• Birds picked clean in 20-30 seconds. No pin feathers or backache. Can handle up to 75 lbs. of Turkey
• Featherman equipment is hand assembled in USA. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1 yr warranty on all parts.
• Tub & housing is high density, UV-resistant, food grade molded plastic. 119 ultra-soft fingers.
• 1 HP motor, Speed Reducer for extra power. Also available in non-electric or 220V.

The Featherman XL Plucker features 203 ultra soft fingers, delicately removing the feathers from the birds. The 1 HP motor along with direct drive speed reducer offers the perfect power to process roughly 75 lbs of poultry (live weight) or approximately six to eight 5 lb broiler chickens (dressed weight). The Featherman XL is for turkeys or large batches of chickens. A unique feature or our plucker is the feather chute, which, unlike competitors, keeps the feathers contained in one spot, offering quick easy clean up! The water spray ring gives the birds an even spray of cold, for quick feather release and the waterproof switch ensures operation safety. We offer a 1 year factory warranty on the motor/gearbox, and 1 year on everything else from us. We assemble everything in the US, so we have replacement parts on hand and at the ready, though it's pretty rare that you would need anything!

Featherman Scalder:

The goal: No pin feathers. Period. This only happens with a perfect scald. The Featherman Scalder holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald. Made of stainless steel with a 65,000 BTU propane burner, temperature control within a five-degree range, and sized for four birds at a time (40 gallon). 16 gauge stainless.

  • Made of 16 Gauge Stainless Steel with a 65,000 BTU propane burner,
  • Temperature control within a five-degree range
  • 80 Gallon water capacity
  • Sized to scalded four birds at a time

Featherman Eight Kill Cone Stand and Cones:

Efficient, humane, and easy-cleaning, the all-stainless steel kill cone stand speeds up the processing and eases the handling of birds at the front end of your processing line. “It was the only thing keeping us from 200 birds per hour,” says Joel Salatin. Eight of our easy-cleaning, no back-out cones fit compactly around a swiveling stand of stainless steel. Blood caught in the PVC trough below is easily removed and the trough easily cleaned.
Dimensions: 54″ tall by 36″ in circumference

Featherman Chill Tank:

300-gallon capacity will chill up to 200 birds. USDA food-grade plastic, 1” PVC drain valve, compact.

Weight: 75 lbs.
32” H x 72” L x 32″ W

Featherman Manual Dunker:

The Featherman Manual Dunker makes easy work of dipping your poultry to get a thorough, even scald. The up-and-down action aids water penetration to loosen feathers. The unit mounts on the Featherman Scalder in about 5 seconds, locking into place. No tools are required. Great for Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens.

Featherman Roto Dunker:

New in 2012, the new Roto-Dunker fits on top of the Featherman scalder for hands-and-back-free scalding. The Roto-Dunker will handle up to 2 – 5lb (dressed weight) birds per basket (20lbs total). Each basket is turned by a light duty, geared down motor. The consistency of the scald is unparalleled because only half the birds are in the scalder at any time and there is less yo-yoing of water temperature. There are no pinch points as the rotation easily stops in the event of an obstruction, making the Roto-Dunker absolutely safe.

At six rotations per minute there is no need for a timer, no need to worry about a start/stop switch. It scalds birds up to about five pounds dressed weight, the operation is silent, and produces a consistent scald every time. The Roto-Dunker is like having an extra man in the processing crew!

Does not include shipping.. Will require freight quote. You can either call in to get the freight quote or if you place your order we will either email or call you with the freight quote before shipping the product.