Featherman XL Plucker

Product No. FMT


Simply scald turkeys, then drop up to 75lbs of birds into the tub. In 20 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache. This plucker features 203 fingers. Will easily hold 3-4, 15-20 lbs. turkeys or 6-8 broilers. Same great features as the Featherman Pro! This plucker was known as the turkey plucker. So many backyard flock processors were using it for large batches of broilers that it has now been renamed the XL because it is known to not only pluck turkeys but also large batches of broilers!
Capacity: 75 pounds of birds
Tub diameter: 32 inches
Height: 33 inches
Width: 35 inches
Length: 28 inches
Motor: 220 Volts