Featherman Pro Tub Style Poultry Plucker

Product No. FMPRO


Simply scald chickens, then drop 4 or 5 birds into the tub. In 20 seconds or less the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, no backache.
Capacity: 3 - 50 pounds of birds, optimum 30 pounds
Tub diameter: 22 inches
Height: 33 inches
Footprint: 25 x 28 inches
Weight: 125 lbs.
Motor: 1 hp 115 Volts
Features: 1 hp motor10:1 speed reducer for more power, tub and housing constructed of high density UV-resistant, food-grade, molded plastic easy clean-up feather chute, water spray ring, knee-high waterproof switch, 119 ultra-soft plucking fingers
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Featherman pro
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 30, 2018
I really like the featherman pro plucker. I used a ezplucker before and I find that the featherman is an all around better machine. I process around 100 to 150 birds a week year around and so far the featherman has been awesome! Definitely recommend it for small farms. It ls worth the investment!
Nathan Valley