Electric Poultry Fence Energizer

  • Poultry Net Energizer- 3 Joule (7-12 Fences)
  • $269.00
  • - +
  • Poultry Net Energizer- 2 Joule (3-8 Fences)
  • $226.00
  • - +
  • Poultry Net Energizer- 1 Joule (1-4 Fences)
  • $167.00
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The Stafix X1 is an innovative solution to livestock control. These units can operate on a 110-volt electric plug or a 12-volt battery. The day/night sensor and adjustable pulse speeds round out the many advantages of this newly designed energizer.

-Indicator lights to show output voltage and battery condition
-Includes power cord and battery lead set
-Includes Grounding Rod
-Two year warranty
-Minimum of 0.25 joule low-impedance charger per net.(Example: 4 nets connected together require 1 joule charger)
- Must use a deep cycle battery to charge net if you use the battery not a plug in, not included.