Electric Poultry Fence 48" High

  • Electric Poultry Netting 48" Tall X 164' Long- Green
  • $195.00
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  • Electronic Poultry Netting 48" Tall X 164' Long- Orange
  • $195.00
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This Electric Netting is the perfect size for poultry, sheep or goats. The vertical lines are made with semi-rigid material to help prevent sagging while graduated horizontal line spacing provides extra protection at bottom of the fence. Stainless steel conductors deliver reliable and consistent electric current.

10/48/3.5 = 10 horizontal lines, 48" height, 3.5" vertical line spacing.
-Keep chickens or other small animals safe from predators
-Graduated spacing provides better control at bottom of fence
-Double spike step-in posts built into the netting
-Proudly made in the USA.
We recommend a .25 joule low-impedance charger minimum per net . (Example: 4 nets connected together requires 1 joule charger)