Electric Poultry Fence 40" High

  • Electronic Poultry Netting 40" Tall X 164' Long- Green
  • $157.00
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  • Electric Poultry Netting 40" Tall X 164' Long- Orange
  • $157.00
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This Electric Netting is the perfect size for poultry, sheep or goats. The vertical lines are made with semi-rigid material to help prevent sagging while graduated horizontal line spacing provides extra protection at bottom of the fence. Stainless steel conductors deliver reliable and consistent electric current.

10/40/3.5 = 10 horizontal lines, 40" height, 3.5" vertical line spacing.
-Keep chickens or other small animals safe from predators
-Graduated spacing provides better control at bottom of fence
-Double spike step-in posts built into the netting
-Proudly made in the USA.
We recommend a .25 joule low-impedance charger minimum per net . (Example: 4 nets connected together requires 1 joule charger)
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Good product
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 27, 2016
Great product. Keeps the cats and other preditors away from the chickens. I bought the solar charger and leave it clicking away even at night for extra protection encircling the coop. So far so good! The only thing is I will probably have to purchase 12 more fence poles to put inbetween to help with sag. But what is there is good enough to get things started.