EcoGlow Brooder 20 Chicks

EcoGlow Brooder 20 Chicks

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Clean, safe tough and extremely economical chick brooder the EcoGlow is ideal for up to 20 chicks or ducklings and suitable for any waterfowl or game bird chicks. Great for classroom hatches. The EcoGlow only uses 28 Watts(a tenth of the electricity of typical suspended infrared lamps because the chicks are in contact with its warm underneath surface. The brooder runs at 12 v for safety from a mains transformer(supplied) and with the convenience of a generous (about 10 feet) power lead. Different sizes of chicks are accommodated by three adjustable height settings and an indicator light confirms the brooder is connected. The low cost of the EcoGlow makes it possible for larger numbers of chicks to be warmed by multiples of brooders.

Dimensions: 12" long x 8" wide x 8" high


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This thing is genius.  |  By N. S.
I live off the grid and was looking for an alternative to watt-wasting incandescent bulbs for brooding baby chicks. I raised 16 baby chicks with the ecoglow. The chicks get used to night and day quickly, and there is no hot bulb to start a fire. No messing with height of the heat lamp. Just plug it in and go! My chicks were stressed from shipping, and bounced back very quickly with this brooder. I will never use a lightbulb or heat bulb. The only thing I find fault with is that the brinssea logo is raised molded plastic on the top of the heat plate. When the chioks roost on this, their droppings get stuck in the crevices. I simply covered it with a piece of duct tape. I don't know if that would void the warranty, but it has worked well.

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EcoGlow brooder 27 watts  |  By Beverly Bassett
A humdinger! The bantam duckling hatchlings loved it & it kept a dozen or so warm soon after hatching--even with mamas around to brood babies under their wings too, the baby peeps liked & used it a lot. They soon outgrew it, though, & even when raised higher it was monopolized by the more competitive peeps. I also used an infrared heat lamp in the duck house at night & with colder spring daytime weather. As the days warmed could eliminate heat lamp much sooner. There is a larger brooder unit available from the company that I might order to supplement this basic Eco Brooder; or, might just order a few more small ones. Eco Brooder is more spendy than a light but should pay for itself in time. Less fire hazard than lights, too. Doubt hatchlings would have left the Eco Brooder to eat if light had not also been present to warm & illuminate food & environment. This brooder might have potential for eliminating big light altogether if the larger brooder was used in feed & water area along with basic low light source so they could see food/water. Eco Brooder might also have potential for use with solar panels where electricity is not available. European imported product; finally something NOT from China! Disassembles & stores flat when not in use. Absolutely ideal for hobbyist with small numbers and/or small birds. Cleans easily with wet cloth.