DooKashi Chicken Coop Ammonia and Odor Control

Product No. DOOK


The unappetizing aroma of poultry urine and feces is something you'll never forget and will want to eliminate odor: quickly. DooKashi Poultry Brooder & Coop Deodorizer to the rescue!

What is DooKashi?
An all-natural coop bedding additive, extender and compost accelerator
- Works on a microbial level to eliminate odor from urine and feces
- 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals or masking perfumes
- A dry product that won't add more moisture to a wet area
- Completely safe if ingested by pets (or humans!)
- Easy to apply without using gloves or protective googles

How to Use
For best results, start with a clean coop. Sprinkle a visible and thorough amount** in coop. Cover with shavings. Add DooKashi™ into nesting boxes between layers of shavings or straw. Re-apply when your nose tells you to and odors will not accumulate! Store sealed in dry area out of direct sunshine, use within one year. **Amount and regularity varies depending on ventilation and number of poultry in coop