Size 07 Imprinted Bird Bands - Name and Address

  • Plier 1242S Sealing Plier Size 7
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  • Name and Address Bands Size 7
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Aluminum butt end custom marked to your specifications. (Within space available). Each size band requires its own pliers. Bands are shipped closed. Pliers are needed to open and reseal bands around bird's legs.

Great for marking your own flock!!
Size 7 7/16" Inside Diameter of the band. You will need the applicator to attach the bands to the birds. Space Requirement for Imprinting:
4 lines 22 characters first two lines
10 characters bottom two lines
plus consecutive numbering - max. 6 digits

For imprinting please note your imprinting requirements in the comment section of the checkout. Please be sure to indicate if you need consecutive numbering.