Chick Waterer - Multiple Colors

Buy 6 or more for $1.29 each
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  • Chick Waterer - Yellow
  • $1.58
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  • Chick Waterer - Red
  • $1.58
  • - +
  • Chick Waterer - Purple
  • $1.58
  • - +
  • Chick Waterer - Green
  • $1.58
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These popular mason jar founts are made from plastic, and are available in multiple colors. These waterers work great for gamebirds and chickens. You can ad rocks or marbles to these founts to prevent your baby birds from drowning or soaking themselves. Made in the USA.

Do not come with jars. These work great with our plastic jars. The large plastic jar holds 58 ounces and the small plastic jar holds 1 quart. These plastic jars do not break like glass mason jars when the baby chicks knock them over.

Diameter: 6"
Height: 1.5"
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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 9, 2018
These work great but if using for bantams or smaller birds might wont put use some marbles to prevent drowning of chicks
John Teller

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