Product No. CNHUT


Portable outdoor coop to house your broody bantams or your breeding pairs/trios of chickens. Use the additional Pen #CNP to allow your birds access to fresh grass and sunlight during the day. For nighttime security, you can close the front panel to keep the birds inside the coop. The Chicken Hut is 39" high off ground, with a hinged top for easy access. Pigeon and Dove fanciers could use this coop for breeding pairs. Interior dimensions of the coop is 24" high by 39 " wide and 24" deep. 1"x 1" wire for the sides and front. Floor has 1/2" by 1" wire. The front door is hinged and will fold to ground, making an ramp to ground. There is also an access door in the back wall, to remove eggs.The roost bar is included with the Chicken Hut.