Blue (normal) Diamond Dove

Product No. DOVB


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The Blue Diamond dove is the normal, or wild color. The shoulders, back & tail of the blue diamond are brown in color. The shoulders display the characteristic white spots, or diamonds that are seen in all variations of diamond doves. The head, neck & breast are silver. The tail feathers are brown with black tips. The underside is white and eyes a ruby red. The eye ring is scarlet red, with the beak black & feet pink. Length: 7 1/2" Wt: 1 1/2 oz. lifespan 8-12 yrs. Diamond doves are reported to be ideal for beginners. General diet: mix of sorghum, millet, canary seed, grass seed, etc. With plenty of fresh water and grit. Use finch mix- 100% millet & favorite food. To sex: males coo, have larger eye rings (cere), have more of a square head. Hens have a round head.