Blue White Tailed Laced Diamond Dove

Product No. DOVBLBWT


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The blue white tail laced diamond is a striking variation of the usual diamond dove color pattern. The laced diamond displays wing spots that are two or three times the size of the usual wing spots. This gives the wings the visual effect of being laced. Steel blue color on the shoulders & wings. The head, neck and breast are light blue-gray. The back and tail are snow white. The underside is white. The eye is ruby red, with a bright red eye ring. The beak is dark gray. The wings display the characteristic mahogany flight feathers, with black tips. They are ground feeders and will do well in an aviary with finches. Diamond doves are reported to be ideal for beginners.
Length: 8" 11 1/2 ounces Lifespan 8-12 years
One year or younger, not mated or banded. General diet: mix of sorghum, millet, canary seed, grass seed, etc. With plenty of fresh water and grit. Use finch mix- 100% millet & favorite food. Try to provide canary nests, as they make an untidy nest. Both parents incubate; eggs should hatch in about 13 days.