Blue White Tail Diamond

Product No. DOVBWT


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The blue white tail is very similar to the blue white rump. The difference can be distinguished by the snow white back & tail of the blue white tail. It displays a steel blue color in the shoulders and wings with the characteristic white diamond spots. The neck, head and breast are blue-gray. The tail and back are snow white. The underside is white. The eyes are ruby red, with a bright red eye ring. The beak is gray. The wing of the blue white tail displays the same mahogany flight feathers with black tips as seen in the blue diamond dove. Length: 8" 1 1/2 ozs lifespan 8-12 yrs They are ground feeders and will do well in an aviary with finches. Try to provide canary nests, as they make an untidy nest. Both parents incubate; eggs should hatch in about 13 days.